Professional Videography Creates High Quality Productions
Many people feel all that is needed to record a special occasion is a camcorder and a person to point and shoot. Results vary, but the following items must be considered if the highest quality video is to be obtained.
The area that senses the image (CCD, or chip) in a digital video camera is color-blind; that is, it "sees" only differences in light intensity and the resulting image is gray scale. Color images require a combination of red, green, and blue information. Camcorders accomplish this with one of two methods.

The "single chip camera" uses a single color filter with the three colors arranged in a manner that each color bit of the image is recorded based on the color of the area next to it. This clever method results in a camera that is smaller and less expensive than the other alternative, but image quality is compromised.

The "three chip camera" combines three images separately filtered, resulting in truer color rendition without sacrifice of other image qualities. However, this technology is more expensive and the package is larger and heavier. Typically higher quality optics and electronics are used.
Most popular camcorders are single chip cameras. Video Focus uses three chip cameras designed for maximum portability. These cameras render highest quality video and yet are unobtrusive.
A video has two components, audio and visual. If the audio is unintelligible because of poor acoustical conditions, half of the presentation is missing. Audio can be improved by connecting to sound systems and/or the use of high quality clip-on wireless microphones. Audio editing is essential for clarity and volume control. Video Focus has the ability to produce a professional audio component.
Videography is a combination of art and technology that requires not only state of the art equipment, but experience and aptitude for being prepared: in the right place, at the right time, with the best angle, and with fully charged batteries to capture those spontaneous moments that would be otherwise lost. John Gorski has been a videographer for more than 20 years and is proud of the number of referrals and recommendations he gets from former clients. Video Focus uses only experienced videographers who are as unobtrusive as possible whether working on single or multiple camera projects.
No video production is complete without modifying the recorded sound and images. Music and photos can be added; scenes arranged or cut; transitions made; and audio and video enhanced. The results are professional productions.
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