Training Videos
Transfers: Home Movie Film to VHS/DVD, VHS or Beta Tapes to DVD
Preserve memories recorded on old home movies and videos. Enjoy them today using modern technology. Unlike other transfer services our film projectors transfer the image directly into the digital video camera. Image quality loses from reflected projections are eliminated. Service is available to individuals and retailers.
Promote a product/service or simply inform your viewer about who you are. Full production services are available. Broadcast can range from 15 second spots through hour long demonstrations.
Video Editing
 Television Commercials and Informative Videos
Create a video documentation for insurance and legal purposes.
Record technical methods and practices for employee and customer training.
Capture meetings, presentations, conventions, plays, recitals, sporting events, pageants, weddings, parties, anniverseries, bar mitzahs, bat mitzvahs, baptisms, confirmations, et cetera with a professional video.
Photo Montages
Convert photographs and/or slides to a video photo montage. Background music and transitions can be added.
Video Editing
Special Events
Enhance an existing video. We can add background music and photos, rearrange or cut scenes, add transitions, and improve audio and video quality.
Demonstrate your talents, abilities and/or interests in a video designed to augment a job or college application.
Commercial & Business
Performing Arts
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